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Dali Passionné

This is a private Dali we present here. The two series: “The Divine Comedy” and “Tristan and Isolde” have the artist in a meditative way that does not change its surreal treatment.

Works : 100 woodcuts + 21 lithographs / Duration : June 21 – September 21, 2008 / Institution : Palais Bénédictine, Fécamp, France / Curator : Dra Rosa Perales, Stefano Ceccheto

Y las obras se hicieron tesoros, Arte precolombino

More than 50 centuries of culture are presented here, from 3500 BC to the time of the Spanish conquest in the sixteenth century. The works come from different geographical areas of Latin America: Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.

This incredible collection of pre-Columbian art is absolutely unique in Europe. Around 200 pieces have been carefully selected from 3000, that has the Salinas collection La Piedra. This from Chile, is probably one of the largest private collections of pre-Columbian art in the world.

Works : 204 / Duration : May 10 – September 2, 2007 / Institution : Centro Cultural Tomas y Valiente, Fuenlabrada, Spain / Curator : Varinia Varela Guarda, Luis Solar

Picasso, hommage au torero

The exhibition shows prints, drawings, ceramics and project bullfighting arena. Picasso realized them between the years 1956 and 1965 and offered them to the Dominguin-Bosé family. Besides the artistic value of the on each of these works, They all have a special history. The warm and friendly aspect of Picasso is then unveiled.

Works : 60 works from Bose-Dominguín’s collection (34 ceramics, 10 drawings, 1 collage, 1 project bullring, 4 prints (plus 1 engraving plate), 5 lithographs, 3 original books)+ 26 aquatint of bullfighting series / Duration : 24 April – 30 June, 2007/ Institution : Quais Hennessy, Cognac, France / Curator : Pablo J. Rico La Casa

Calder, la forma y el sueño / Calder, a forma e o sonho

The exhibition presents an overview of the graphic works of Alexander Calder. It contains mainly a significant number of large gouaches, drawings and carpet, which shows a less known facet of the artist’s work.

Works : 95 (gouaches, drawings, carpet) in two separate spaces / Duration : 29 November 2006 – 28 January 2007 / Institution : Centro Cultural Tomas y Valiente, Fuenlabrada, Spain / Duration : December 6, 2006 – April 1, 2007 / Institution : Fundaçao Eugenio de Almeida, Evora, Portugal / Curator : Maïthé Vallès-Bled 

Rembrandt : Una inspiració per a Goya

Rembrandt was considered the best etcher of all time. Goya is largely based. These engravings sarcastically transmit concerns that remain completely contemporary.

Works : 148 etchings / Duration : September 21 – December 21, 2006 / Institution : Fundaçao Reig, Museo del tabacco, Andorra / Curator : Stefano Cecchetto

Geishas and Samurais, UKYO-E

The presented works come from prestigious private collections. The exhibition is a unique opportunity to discover the meaning and origin of an ancient and noble civilization.

Works : more than 200 (armor, woodcuts, jewelry, photos …) / Duration : 18 May – 30 July, 2006 / Institution : Centro cultural Tomas y Valiente, Fuenlabrada, Spain / Curator : Pietro Gobbi

Miró, el jardín de las maravillas

This exhibition shows the interest of Joan Miró in graphics. Here we admire his constant artistic research in connection with the sign, and his pleasure to experiment with different materials.

Works : 186 lithographs / Duration : September 7 – November 19, 2006 / Institution : Centro cultural Tomas y Valiente, Fuenlabrada, Spain / Curator : Cristiano Isnardi